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  1. Now that is a combination I’ve not seen before – they usually want you to consume the beverages there! I really like the grain in this one Elaine!!

  2. love the texures here…very cool!

  3. Wonderful grainy texture for the grain alcohol store! I agree with martie, it’s an odd combo to have a bar and liquor sales together.

  4. "Pay your respects to that old liquor store / Where I won the battle, but I lost the war" (Caitlin Cary / Ryan Adams)The great grain, the fabulous frame & the signature story telling of Elaine! Blows my mind every time, dear. You know how to get me stuck in here. And please send me the picture you took for me. I’m so damn curious, can’t wait. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. WOW , the texture is really great , nice processing ! and one bottle of liquor for me , a prune one ! on friday , all is permit ;)bisous bisous Elaine

  6. Love the timelessness of the grainy processing. And – it looks more like a cash and carry liquor store..than any place one would stop in and stay awhile!!!

  7. I like the nostalgic feel with the grain, reminds me of some experiments I did years ago with really fast film. Nice feel

  8. Very cool. I like this with the grain and framing.

  9. excellent processing with the vignette and the grain – don’t drink too much

  10. such cool textures, looks like a classic old liquor store, hope your weekend is going well

  11. The trade mark Elaine colours. I hope the inside is more cheerful that the outside.

  12. if there were separate owners, i’d think that guy in the liquor store must be making a killing.. 😀 nice catch.. 🙂

  13. looks like a movie still. liking this.

  14. Excellent , good job!

  15. Love the grain and how one of the cars in the row is not like the others. Interesting combination, one state over in Alabama I think it’s a law that liquor and fireworks stores be located next to each other.

  16. Well, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a "pub" like that. A travesty to the meaning of the word!

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