22 comments on “Stretch”

  1. ohhhhhhhh…..precious!!!!!

  2. So sweet what a big stretch it is doing 🙂 have a good week ahead

  3. Now that’s a great shot Elaine, man and his best friend. They sure look comfortable, such a pleasant and wonderful image.

  4. Very cute, and I know what he’s going through there — you don’t want to move the arm because it will wake up the dog!

  5. What a luscious stretch that is! It feels good from here!

  6. that stretch looks like it feels pretty good.i’m going to lie down now.

  7. That is for sure a happy dog !

  8. Everyone needs a good streeeeetch at least once a day, Elaine. 🙂 I love the muted colors.

  9. Great moments captured in this image!

  10. Like a little baby..cradled in his arms. Nice s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!!

  11. Lovely the muted colors and charming scene…:)

  12. They belong together. They understood each other. They both have the same needs. You are a storyteller, Elaine. And you know how I love your stories. And this one is a precious little story & a great shot! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  13. this is really just too adorable!

  14. one more very nice portrait – have a nice day

  15. Oh it’s a lovely image but it makes my heart ache, I know the sadness left behind all too well. Hugs to you my friend, sorry I haven’t been around here (or anywhere) much x

  16. Exceptional clarity and wonderful tones in this image. Poor little baby. she was so sweet.

  17. a very cool shot …. that dog looks so relaxed!

  18. so sweet this it! Image 5 cats doing that on the bed..that’s our house!

  19. oof! so relaxed 😉

  20. Cute indeed…

  21. that’s one cute photo.. they look good together.. 🙂

  22. My dog does the same thing when he hops onto the bed. Nothing like a nice stretch in the morning before breakfast.

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