me me me…

13 comments on “me me me…”

  1. Very cute! And such an infectious smile.

  2. perfect …. ! can’t help but smile …. !

  3. she has an open face (which means she has an open heart) and you captured it beautifully, elaine.

  4. cute:)) I feel I need that sometimes…a me time!

  5. Lovely ! Great portrait !

  6. Such a typical expression for a child of that age. Such a sweet..and trusting portrait. Love the expression!!!

  7. Such a fun shot the expression on her face is wonderful

  8. a fun filled image!

  9. Super cute! Lovely portrait, great expression! Excellent processing!

  10. An always radiant smile and a treatment which suits her well ! Bravo Elaine 🙂

  11. j’aime beaucoup le rendu des couleurs. Photo très gaie !

  12. that looks like one, happy child. 😀 nicely captured

  13. Another wonderful "slice `o life" image. What a cutie!

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