Hitting Snooze…

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  1. Aw bless him! cute pic

  2. haha i love those ears.they say dogs have great hearing, they can hear anything and everything.but i wonder, do they have dreams as vivid as their hearing?sometimes dogs make little noises when they sleepand their legs move around as if they are runningso i know they dream about something. do they dream about sounds?is there a big bad boogie sound that hides under their bedsthat chases them in their sleep?

  3. oh nooo. that’s awful. it always seems monday is the worst day of the week ("i hate mondays")but most people get laid off on fridays. statistically, it has to be the worst day of the week to goto work. well, that sure puts a stump in the middle of the weekend. i’m sorry elaine. hugs.

  4. i’m glad you have your faith in god. it works for you.everyone needs to believe in *something; if it isn’t godit’s italian food or money or wicca or a deep belief in ufos.some people are practical and believe in hard work, butwhat do they do when the work is gone? others areimpractical and look to drugs or alcohol or television orthey buy souvenir spoons thinking they will appreciatein value. at least, *god is always there no matter what*(italian food eventually runs out because everyone has to eat)

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  6. LIke a sleeping baby. Wonder if he’s dreaming sweet dreams??

  7. This is a wonderful capture of good old Coco. A good night’s sleep after all that reading.

  8. Awww such a cute shot, he looks so peaceful there

  9. Aww, that’s so cute!

  10. Ha ha, it’s a dog life, eh? Wish I could nap like that! Nice one.

  11. Such a sweet pup asleep in a wonderland of soft light.I wish I could afford to send more than virtual good wishes your way.

  12. Great image; Coco sure liked to sleep under the covers! I keep telling Bev I need to starch Watson’s ears so they will stand up like that! 🙂

  13. Love how the peacefulness of the cool green tones go with the sleeping dog!

  14. Awe how adorable, looks so comfortable and content. Lovely shot Elaine, such a pleasant composition.

  15. Aww Great to see some old photos of Coco in her favorite spot!

  16. lol! and just after i mentioned that i was feeling sleepy, i had to go and see this.. ah, how i envy our furry friends.. great catch! 😀

  17. What a dreamy shot, this is exactly what I am going to do after I check the rest of my blog roll =)

  18. boy that pooch loves to sleep !

  19. excellent, la vie est belle !

  20. Great pic with an adorable dog. I really like the post processing technique!

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