Nothing but Blue Skies…

13 comments on “Nothing but Blue Skies…”

  1. Fire is blue, sometimes – see above. And i like the lines, lamps, a dream – – – have a great w-e, dear Elaine*

  2. I like very much the last three post – excellent processing, mood and colors – have a great weekend

  3. As silhouettes in the sky which dance between them… Lovely Elaine ! 🙂

  4. Blue skies…and some gentle silhouettes!! Gorgeous color!!!

  5. Very good photography, good capture!

  6. Great high contrast, the clouds seem like they’re on fire!

  7. I was wondering who bogarted my blue skies! Groovy colors, and I dig the street lamp hanging out at the bottom, chillin’ like Bob Dylan.

  8. You know what they say "Every silver lining has a dark cloud" (well, that’s what the pessimists say).

  9. I see two running dogs in the clouds on the left, chasing a platypus on the right!

  10. Blue Skies and dark clouds! Love it!

  11. same thing here.. it’s making me sleepy though.. 😀 nice capture..

  12. Over saturation works perfectly for this composition. As far as "theme", I was thinking something like

  13. très belle atmosphère.

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