Grey Background…

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  1. Looks so contented there, and your right bathing in those pools isnt a good idea could get a horrible skin peel LOL

  2. What a little darling.

  3. gray is the color of noise. it’s what we listen to when we don’t’s what everything muddies into, all the colors of the rainbow running’s what something that has no taste tastes like, like a gray weightless rock.gray is the color of a broken heart when there is nothing left but a holeand some memories which fade into half remembered old pictures.gray is the world in black and white before everything turns finally black.gray is gray is gray is gray is gray is gray is gray is gray is a rose.

  4. I keep wondering if these portraits make you sad..or do they conjure up happy memories??? He’s so sweet looking up so trustingly at you!!

  5. That one really rocks, Elaine. What a minimalistic pleasure. Just perfect to get this Sunday started. That look really scares me but make this one a beautiful photograph. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. This is a wonderful portrait of Coco.

  7. Nice portrait of Coco, I like how the light makes her head the focal point of the composition.

  8. i like the vintage look of this shot you have of her.. nice work.. 🙂

  9. Well – this is rather eerie! She looks a bit possessed!

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