Building a Meadow

one time we hadn’t mowed our lawn in quite some time and there was long grass and tiny little flowers in it, and i was out walking the dog, and a smart alec kid on a bike went by and started singing ‘building a meadow lalala’ 🙂

10 comments on “Building a Meadow”

  1. I like this scene and the processing. Kids…what are you gonna do with em?

  2. Beautiful meadow and impending rain. When we get dandelions in the yard Bev and I call them ‘pretty little yellow flowers’. We don’t sing the "Lalala" part though.

  3. i love anyone who can sing lalalaeven children

  4. What a gorgeous rendition of this landscape. Love the light!!

  5. Wonderfull and amazing process !!!Bravo!

  6. I love how the colours run into each other in this pic!

  7. lol! that’s one crazy kid! they do say the darnedest things.. 🙂 a fine capture too, the faux light leak gives it a nice look too.. well done.. 😀

  8. That’s really neat. I like the old timey colors. Every time I see wooded areas I just want to be there instead of at work 🙁

  9. I’m digging the patterns in the clouds and the indeterminate nature of this. Are those mountains in the background shrouded in mist, or just more patterns? And the meadow, it seems to be in transition. Nice shot.

  10. Like a Monet painting – love the atmosphere, super dreamy one ~ 

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