99 Steps

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  1. I’m returning this photo, because it’s clearly missing a dog. KTHXBAI. Seriously, I like how you changed this up and got your husband outside and awake.

  2. take one down, pass it around, 98 steps on the wall…

  3. some people are miserable because they enjoy being miserable. yes, i think that is true.if god exists (i’m not convinced), surely he would bless the good at heart. it confuses me when good people suffer. he lets it happen when it is in his power to fix it.wouldn’t it be awful to learn god actually enjoys misery? (would that be less awful than a god who hates misery but still lets misery happen?)

  4. This is a great portrait, Elaine. I like the little halo!

  5. great portrait of your hubby, nice expression. 😉

  6. A bit healthier than 99 bottles, for sure. 🙂

  7. Love the half-smile/expression you captured. Love how he glows!!

  8. Great portrait, i like his expression, very natural! Excellent shot and processing!

  9. Elaine! Your husband has a halo over his head looks like a saint! Beautiful colors and he finally woke up! :)))

  10. i didn’t notice the halo! yay beanow for noticing…

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