Tall Grasses

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  1. i remember seeing somewhere on the internet an animation of what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared from earth. the grasses broke through the concrete much faster than you’d think possible. sooner than you’d expect, all traces of mankind were overgrown and part of the landscape.

  2. I like the colours, nice and dreamy.

  3. Dreamy. Gorgeous colors!

  4. The colors really ARE what make this shot for me, Elaine.

  5. Gorgeous colours!

  6. I like the yellow and blue together; very pretty. I just saw a kind on a bike going by singing ‘building a meadow lalala’. That is odd.

  7. this looks surreal.. are we in Pandora? (–avatar.. 😀 ) wonderful image.. 🙂

  8. wow i love this one…makes me want to hum some song from the flower power genre…

  9. Colors are so waterpainterly, adorable image

  10. nice one! so soft and wonderful to look at!

  11. Interesting FX!

  12. I like this. You should try shooting film.

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