In the Dark…

8 comments on “In the Dark…”

  1. Aw, how adorable. Lovely effect Elaine, at first glance thought it was a rabbit. Such a warm and pleasant looking animal.

  2. Just the car that we ride in The home we reside in The face that we hide in The way we are tied inLyric from Peter Gabriel, I Grieve

  3. Looks very cool and friendly!

  4. He glows…like a little saint with a halo. Love his little whiskers!

  5. Cool shot; it symbolizes the light he brought to your lives for many years.

  6. Fantastic processing nad effect!!! I love this!!!!

  7. In the daytime he sleeps and at night he watches, that’s right? 🙂 Excellent !!! Surprising photo! Bravoooo Elaine !

  8. ooh.. i want one of ’em glow in the dark puppies.. ;D great processing.. 🙂

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