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  1. it’s a nice home, under the trees, eh?covered parking too.

  2. have you ever seen the canadian comedytrailer park boys? it’s one of the best reasonsto have directtv. are some funny clips to see on their website.

  3. hey thats nicer than the one i grew up in.i’m taking an ‘accelerated’ course in microsoft office- including access, excel, powerpoint and word. i thought i should sharpen up on my basic skills. but chee, the textbook costs over $80 *used*!!!

  4. Love the glow. The way you’ve processed and rendered this makes it look as if it’s a dream-like an oil painting,

  5. Love this eerie glow – unreal and unworldly!

  6. yeah, the glow does lend an eerie feeling to it.. i like it though.. 😀 nice work.. 🙂

  7. nicely shot. great moments indeed!

  8. It looks like a very nice place to live – I really like how it backs right up to the trees, like you could just disappear into the forest anytime you wanted to.

  9. It looks like aliens shot laser beams at the house and they bounced off and took off that dude’s head. And what happened to the sky/trees in the background? It looks super cool.

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