hubby taking up whole bed…

10 comments on “hubby taking up whole bed…”

  1. technicallyhe doesn’t take up the *whole* bedthere’s room, at the bottom, in the cornerfor a puppyor a potato chip

  2. Lol, funny shot! You just have to squeeze in there somewhere…

  3. "You can sleep while I drive" (Melissa Etheridge)You should go out and get yourself your own bed. There’s a certain danger of getting pushed out of the bed. You should add a sleeping hubby gallery. Great shot, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. TOO FUNNY!! To see him sprawled out this way.

  5. I declare, Elaine. One would think all he does is sleep! 🙂

  6. Men will be men 🙂

  7. looks like passed out from working way too hard!

  8. ditto JJ.. ;D great candid catch! 😀

  9. Funny. Always that duffle bag for a pillow?

  10. Well at least he hasn’t figured out how to take up the bed and the couch at the same time. Following this blog, one gets the impression your husband sleeps 99.87 percent of the time. My kitteh is impressed, all he manages is like 80 percent.

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