Camera Shopping

This is almost the last of the images that I posted ahead about 2 or 3 months ago, I’m running out of images, and may have to take another photoblog break

7 comments on “Camera Shopping”

  1. ooh! new gadgets! me likey! :)..or you can go out and shoot.. ;D

  2. Gorgeous color and light!! Why not go out and shoot some more pix??? Have some fun??

  3. I like the image and the way you processed it. Those fluorescent lights could be an overload but what you did makes them interesting. I wrote my photoblog so I could post ahead, thinking I would use that a lot. So far it hasn’t ended up that way, though. I generally just prepare an image and post it that day; there have only been a couple of times so far that I have future-dated a posting. I find the hardest part is picking an image to post. When I got off work yesterday I mowed the back yard, filled the bird feeders, then sat on the patio and took a mess of pictures of birds on a sock thistle feeder. I’ll probably pull them off the camera today and take a look. I might not find a single one I like, but might like 20 of them and take an hour switching among them to decide which one to post.

  4. it’s time to go take some more pictures. it’s summereveryone is out repairing the roads and you live inone of the most beautiful places on earth. go. go!

  5. Ooh – dreamy! Now get out there and take some more photos!

  6. Cool shot.. love the color…

  7. Fluorescent lights make me sad. New electronics make me happy. This post is causing manic depression.

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