11 comments on “Lovin’s”

  1. A man and his best friend. Wonderful photo Elaine, such a warm mood you captured here.

  2. aww. everyone deserves love. and loving another is the finest thing we can do.take care of your back, elaine. once you get the inflammation down, the best thingyou can do is stretch and exercise- and calm your mind by taking pictures!school starts tuesday.

  3. The thing I like about this, Elaine, is that there is always love enough for another! This is priceless, knowing what loss you both have felt.

  4. So sweet, great portrait. I love the tones.

  5. So much love. A man and his best friend!!!

  6. Hairy tender story are so cool are your place !

  7. Great portrait! Beautiful and soft image, has feeling! Excellent processing to!

  8. I see they’re bonding well!

  9. Very cute; it looks like they have developed quite a bond.

  10. This photo is beautiful !!!!!

  11. Very classic feel to this. I don’t know why.

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