Eyes Open

my husband’s eyes are open, y’all… looks like he’s got a shiner, i beat him up regularly :p

6 comments on “Eyes Open”

  1. Maybe not enough sleep? Lol. Cute dog.

  2. better a shiner than a whiner.and you can’t fool me, that’s vignettingthat makes his eye appear so.

  3. Oh..this is with your new pup!!! So sweet. Amazing how he cuddles with them!!

  4. It seems that you make spotted! And your expensive legendary discretion Elaine!!! 😉 Like the composition ! Excellent ! Bravooooo

  5. Looks like he needs a pocket protector – to protect the dog and the couch during sleep!

  6. He deserves it for taking up the whole frickin’ bed. I’m glad to see he’s adjusting well to smothering the new dog while sleeping.

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