11 comments on “Escapism”

  1. like the way you processed this, sleep can get you away from the daily stress!

  2. Ha! Clearly he needs his hat from a few photos down.

  3. he reminds me of a fairy tale sleeping beautya hundred years is a long time to sleepperhaps you should kiss him he might wake up a prince

  4. There is something so cozy about the sheets and blankets up over the head like a tent. I become a kid again during the winter months when it’s cool for sleeping. 😀

  5. Looks like he’s having a really good sleep. Love the processing, dreamy…

  6. Great capture and processing! Now i am at work but i wanna sleep to 😀

  7. Love how you caught just his nose peeking thru. He looks so warm and cozy.

  8. Too much wine for this red nose ? 😉 Hide-and-seek ? Hide-and… sick ? Found you, man ! Funny colorful one – poor guy can’t sleep without some Clicks in the ear ;)))

  9. Cool processing he looks so peaceful there

  10. Sweet dreams 🙂

  11. sweet and as usual liked the glow!

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