My turn…

10 comments on “My turn…”

  1. An efficient tilt, we feel part of the game, waiting in line… My turn too ! (i loved to play this way). Have a swinging week dear*

  2. Yes i have that kind of vision too when i’m drunk 🙂 very creative work , Elaine , Bravo !kiss kiss

  3. Cool angle.

  4. I really like the angle on this and the PP, whats the recipe?

  5. I like it.Very countryside like!

  6. Out in the country with my favourite photographer. You make things look good. You make me feel cozy in the sweaty summer heat. You capture them all in the most beautiful way, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. this reminds me of my childhood except i don’t remember being that clean.

  8. lovely elaine! i love the perspective on this. definitely a very nostalgic feel

  9. this is a great diagonal composition. looks like a lot of fun here!

  10. So timeless. Love your point-of-view and framing.

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