Pinecone… mmmm

10 comments on “Pinecone… mmmm”

  1. wow what a poor pooch, but so cute! great shot and expression.

  2. This is an exceptional portrait, Elaine.

  3. I like the subtle vignette that focuses attention on the dog. How did you do that?

  4. i think they make grape nuts from pine cones. did you know you can make tea from pine needles? (cute pic, elaine. from the look on his face, i think he’d prefer the grape nuts to the pinecone. especially with milk added.)

  5. Cute dog but looks sad because it wants a real chew toy from the store.

  6. Very cute pug! Watson likes to chew on pinecones too, no matter how many store-bought toys he has.

  7. Oh that super face/expression ! Unique, Elaine !

  8. I also want a go on the swing nice angle

  9. i relish the contrast of colors …the caption made me smile!!

  10. What a face. Totally irresistable!!!

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