Girls on Film

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  1. You have really got to move away from that nuclear power plant! I like the crazy glow, it reminds me of some of the Lensbaby effects.

  2. Nice color processing. I like the tree in the deck!

  3. A real fairy, your light makes her so poetic. And love the eye-contact, surreal sensation all around.

  4. Very exotic cross processing here. I love the use of colors here, so so creative!

  5. looks cool with more green in the image!

  6. Nice colors processing , Elaine , do you really see things like that ? ;)have a nice day , kiss kiss

  7. love the colors and light. the image positively glows! really beautiful work.

  8. She is just glowing with personality. Very cool!

  9. You are the mistress of treatment, Elaine! We create the world anew, and in this photo "smell" on sleep, dreams, otherness …

  10. that glow makes her look so ethereal.. almost like a spectre.. 🙂 wonderful processing.. 😀

  11. Lovely photo Elaine, she has such an innocence about her. Beautiful effect with the light and colors. Really a wonderful shot.

  12. Magical..and such beautiful color and light!

  13. As if she was in a fairy tale! She is very very lovely and colors are enchanted. I really like it !

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