9 comments on “Treats!”

  1. Awesome! I just took my Polaroid out for a spin today, since I have some new film coming in the mail soon so now I don’t have to save my last remaining pack for big exciting pictures of great social and political import. And then I stopped by Totally Like Me and the colors of your processing remind me of that zesty Polaroid film. Great picture of the dog, and I like how there’s just enough of the person in the frame to imply she’s there.

  2. We all need treats, Elaine! I love it. 🙂

  3. They all love treats..don’t they?? Lovely!

  4. There is again some treasts for me , after that ? 😉 a pic "made in Elaine" 🙂 have a beautiful day , kiss kiss !

  5. sweet and nice colors!

  6. Cool processing. My brother used to have a dog that looked like this; it seemed like no matter what he did that dog always looked like it needed a bath and a brushing. Something about them I guess!

  7. i like the vintage look here, dogs always say yes to treats!

  8. If they would only treat me this way. Feels beaten up at the end of a working day. And one of my favourite healing places is right here. Nowhere else, right here. Great perspective & these fading colours can’t get enough. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. yum yum finger food.

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