We Miss Coco…

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  1. Such a delightful portrait, Elaine. And though I never met Coco I miss Coco too. Believe me. I love your framing, your colours, your point of view … everything. What a sad yet beautiful composition, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. Oh…it’s Coco. What a lovely portrait!!!

  3. Be sure we all do, dear Elaine, but she’s here, so present, and it’s a beautiful feeling to share altogether again. Kiss kiss to the Coco-esque Queen !

  4. OH yes , The famous Coco …. i undestand why you miss him…yes ( great homage u give him with that pic , Elaine. Kiss kiss

  5. Wonderfull image off a friend who was alwsays there even if you didn’t really had the time to play with him

  6. Sad…your pic on your "about" page reminds me of the actress, Judy Davis.

  7. I had an odd experience today. I was walking my "new" dog, Trip, on a trail around the local swimming hole. Looking across the small pond, I saw another dog running across the beach that immediately caused me to have a deep sense of nostalgia. As I watched the far-away dog romp back and forth – I realized it looked identical to my "old" dog Nell. I wondered if I could run around the trail and get to the beach before this dog left. But I soon decided that it was better to just watch from a distance, rather then meet this dog and be disappointed by the differences that I’m sure would have been apparent up close.Anyway, my point is, it’s been over three years since I lost Nell and I still miss her too.

  8. I’m sorry.

  9. I like how she looks all spontaneous because she’s upside down. Did that make any sense? I also dig how there’s a hint of your husband in the background.

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