8 comments on “Cinnamon”

  1. What happened to our regularly scheduled dogs? Love the angle on this and how the leash makes such a nice diagonal.

  2. her eyes are dark as fossilized coal:missing a crucial leg (possibly lost during an encounter with an unfriendly alligator!)a sturdy pylon keeps her upright.

  3. Don’t you wonder what’s going through that little head!

  4. Oh that face, so cute expression, seems out of the hairdresser, terrific 😉

  5. Great eyes..what a sweetie!!!

  6. Cute little dog, I like the colors of the fur.

  7. We had a tiny, silver one years ago named Ashes. I wanted the Apricot, but we couldn’t afford it at the time. Beautiful portrait of this fluffy play purty:-)

  8. cinnamon’s a perfect name for him/her! 😀 such a cutie.. 🙂

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