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9 comments on “HopScotch”

  1. Interesting interview, you’re very funny.

  2. So reminiscent of childhood. Wonderful!!!

  3. Beautiful … just beautiful … memories of the childhood … as always magnificent !If I write also not often a commentary… I’m very often on your blog !Thank you so much !!! … for the interview and the honor, the link to me 🙂

  4. Hopscotch! Been ages since I played that. I like how you took this at a bit of an angle, much more interesting than straight on.

  5. Eveen as a young boy, i played this game … thanks for bringing back those memories

  6. hehehe that’s funny and straight forward answers :p

  7. Very Cool!

  8. an exellent composition i really like tones and felling

  9. now that’s cute.. nice work capturing the gritty ground along with it.. 🙂

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