My Little Pumpkin

Read Salvador’s interview with me HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK CLICK 🙂

15 comments on “My Little Pumpkin”

  1. Very nice re-design and nice missing teeth 😉

  2. Whoops:-) Cutie bell.

  3. I like the framing and how it puts the focus on teeth, or the lack thereof.

  4. I like this shot a lot : scent of childhood

  5. why doesn’t it surprise me you have yet another theme for your blog?i love it. it’s beautiful, elaine.the good thing about losing your teeth at that age isn’t the money you find under your pillow from the tooth’s the wonderful ‘permanent’ teeth that replace the wiggly baby teeth.i just finished my final project for class tonight. i have one more homework assignment, a quiz and the final exam and then i’m done!wiggle wiggle wiggle.

  6. p.s. i know she is your little pumpkin,but its considered bad form if youplace a candle in her mouth… just case you have any ideas of doing so.

  7. Elaine! Wow!! I read your interview and enjoyed it very much. And you have a totally new look! You have been so busy here – and I haven’t been by for a bit because I’ve been busy elsewhere. Take care!! martie (also at

  8. Loved the interview and finding out more about you, Elaine. It explains a lot. 😀 I read the other day about a woman who didn’t lose her baby teeth until age 28!

  9. Looks like a job for the Tooth fairy … beautifully captured

  10. Gotta love that toothless grin. And – I can see why she reminds you of a pumpkin face. Love how you’ve framed this! And – what fun changes you’ve made here on your blog!!!

  11. Ah how i love that, my elder niece has a double gap at the moment up there, she looks like a character from a cartoon movie 😉 Super !

  12. Looks like she’s been in a bar fight!

  13. Sweet and soft capture, remember the times without teeth 😀 Great photograph!

  14. thats the cutest thing I ever saw so far…beautiful girl!!!

  15. yikes! she needs to brush her teeth often and drink lotsa milk! 😀

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