no sugar tonight

10 comments on “no sugar tonight”

  1. Sugar! Makes me think of the character Little Chrissy from the John Waters movie "Pecker".

  2. Pineapple muffins sound nice. Cool shot!

  3. Beautiful processing – this photo takes me back to another place and time. Sitting in my Gran’s kitchen, drinking too sweet coffee and eating freshly picked raspberries. Thank you!

  4. Was that because he opened his eyes? 😀

  5. Strange … so simple subjects so beautifully/specially captured … should we call this art ?

  6. Like a timeless dream…Very creative!

  7. I can feel this image, very powerful as a painting can be. To be felt with the eyes & tongue !

  8. nice a gready pic , Elaine. and very good framed ! kiss kiss

  9. lovely, i’ll have some!

  10. why? makes you hyper? lol.. 😀

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