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  1. You broke your husband, his eyes are open! Love those chilly blueish purple tones.

  2. Always love your processing Elaine, you have a great style, wonderful job. Great shot of your husband, like the lighting and tones.

  3. Oh Elaine – the light is PERFECT! Love it!

  4. if i was blind, i’d be running into the furniture. that chair wasn’t there yesterday, was it? is this my bed or my neighbor’s bed? wasn’t my house ((blue)) when i left for work this morning?if i was a drunk, i’d be lost everytime i visited your photo blog. where am i? (I’m loving it) (i laugh with delight everytime i click on elaine remains, because elaine is literally all that remains)no wonder hubby looks lost/befuddled in this photo.

  5. i *hate* machine voices. when i got my car 5 years ago, the salesman kept on about the talking gps system that was an option on the car. i told him i didn’t like machine voices, i told him i wan’t interested. but he *insisted* on showing me anyway. the gps thingy said ‘the rest-or-aunt is six blocks away’ and it was as annoying to me as nails on a blackboard. i didn’t buy my car from that guy.i also looked at a car in the late 1980s that told me ‘your door is a jar" (no, i didn’t buy it. i replied something about the car’s father being a jar too). i hope i never go blind. i hope i never go blind. already there are crosswalks that coo coo when the traffic lights change. it’s for blind people. i might have gotten the gps thingy if it was a coo coo clock instead.

  6. Wonderfull capture … great post processing!

  7. with all due respect to stephen hawking, i’d rather listen to jason mraz.

  8. I like the processing here, beautiful! Great photograph!

  9. A very sweet pic, tender is palpable here both in his attitude & the way you l°°k at Him ~ 

  10. Awake..and glowing. Terrific!!!

  11. Beautiful tones here again Elaine , and …incredible ….hubby is awake :-))))))x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  12. a very nice portrait here! i like the beam of light shining through!

  13. It is already the hour to get up!!! The poor man!!! :))) He has the right for a coffee with or without sugar 🙂 Excellent Elaine !

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