To Create..

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  1. I like how this looks like an ordinary urban road scene until those big bridge cables to the right grab attention.

  2. Beautiful processing, love those writings.

  3. I have a feeling YOU are creating all the time, Elaine, 100 mph. Your entire website is an example of your art work!

  4. Super original presentation, you create for sure, daily. And love the strong lines in the frame too.

  5. Oh..I just love how you used Kim Klassen’s texture here. Very ‘creative’ – to use repeated pun!!!

  6. You know my opinion of your post-processing – I think you are one of the best and more original artists out there. Can’t even describe how I enjoy your works, and that comes from a guy who dislikes processing 😀

  7. Fantastic shot composition and the colors of the atmosphere is like the old photos. Beautiful !

  8. YOUR photos are always so creative and beautiful and this one does not disappoint. i love how you turn the ordinary into a thing of beauty! {{HUGS}} @spreadingJOY

  9. ..and it looks like a thunderstorm in the making.. very nice work.. 🙂

  10. Wonderfully created … congratulations for the creator

  11. Hi Elaine – I like this one 😉 the cable lines on the right are awesome great shot!

  12. Fantastic pics! Great work 🙂

  13. Wonderful use of texture!

  14. Hey awsome composition here, luv them strong bridge cables and the dusky colour really make it!!

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