12 comments on “Peace”

  1. So bleak and lonely, almost abandoned, until there’s that one car parked there.

  2. interesting prodiction and lovley shade also i think that is a very clever tilt

  3. And serenity too – sure. This is one of the most amazing image on your page, Elaine, i loved it since i first thought i was inside an empty swimming-pool ! Excellence of your angle ! And your palette ! Super cinematic too.Bravo.

  4. I’m speachless … the texture applied is so cool … excellent.

  5. Love the shapes..forms..intersecting lines. Wonderful use of textures – as always!

  6. Do I just have to walk through that door to find love, peace and serenity. Cool use of textures.

  7. ah yes , i can feel peace and serenity into your world Elaine ! nice tones and textures. Like a dream x0x0x0x

  8. Beautiful textures, tones and light. Peaceful…

  9. Ahhhh. A Kim Klassen texture, I do believe. 🙂 I was just looking at that the other day. Don't you love it when we can identify the good work of other people! Good use of her work, Elaine.

  10. The texture you did here really makes this picture.

  11. Hey Elaine, luv the text texture ya got goin on here and the washed out colours, nice one 🙂

  12. that texture's a nice addition to this scene.. nice work.. 🙂

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