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  1. technically you aren't taking a photograph of electricity per se.but what do i know? there are free radicals everywhere, solar flares,probably even static electricity making your hair scarier than methuselah's.(oh wait, lightening just struck me, it was medusa who had snakes in her hair,not methuselah– who was the oldest person in history according to the bible,am i right? her hair must have been pretty scary too. there is no biblical referencethat i can remember about hair conditioner. didn't she live to be 900 years old?)

  2. A superb shot and awesome post processing again … excellent, keep them comming.

  3. Love the point of view, great processing!

  4. LOL at Seraphine, getting Medussa and Methuselah linked together as one. 😀

  5. ..thank god for it.. without it, i wonder what i would be doing right now.. 🙂 nice capture!

  6. Great colors! I always love how you show us an 'unexpected angle'!!!

  7. The angle stresses the unlimitedness of the photo! Impressive! Cool shot Elaine !

  8. Very cool lomo here, always enjoying the fascinating colors you come up with.

  9. Like the angle of this shot, along with your impressive processing Elaine, you managed to create an ominous feel to this tower.

  10. Nice, I love your power pylons!

  11. Cool perspective. I haven't seen that many bales of marijuana since I was in the Coast Guard.

  12. You know how much I love pictures of power poles. And you know how much I love the vintage feel in your compositions. Come on baby light my fire! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  13. The processing fits perfectly for this shot. I like the inclusion of whatever that is stacked around the fence? Cool shot.

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