Street Walk

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  1. red, yellow, green. but what is color number 4?stop, caution, go. what is the 4th commandment?remember the sabbath. of course, red, yellow,green and black. (get it? black sabbath?)what do you do when you encounter a black light?wouldn't a black light show the stains on the car upholstery?stop, caution, go, clean?

  2. you just got up??? That's ok… if you went to bed at 2pm this afternoon…

  3. Utterly awesome again …

  4. lol looks like ya snapped this in a storm n ther about to tumble down! is that a window reflection or am i imagining things!!

  5. Love the minimalism. Such creative framing!

  6. Very cool, I like the reflection.

  7. Or is it Skywalk ? Love the colors ! And how you filled the frame – excellent & creative, ah really love those tones !

  8. as always, seeing the world thru your eyes is a very unique and unusual experience. I like your perception about things Elaine. cheers*

  9. Oooh I like this! I've been photographing street lights for a long time so I'm quite a connoisseur! Nice reflections in the car window.

  10. Cool Picture

  11. liked how the post stands, looks as if someone is holding for us from the right side of the frame 😉

  12. I see a ufo. This needs to be investigated.

  13. What a signature shot. The combination of reflections & traffic lights make this one a new favourite. If I'll ever going to record my music this got to be the cover shot. Love this one, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  14. Love the processing here. Takes a minimal shot and makes it very special. Artsy work.

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