She had one blue eye..

6 comments on “She had one blue eye..”

  1. she also apparently was a very clean dogable to reach places with her tongueother dogs could only dream about…

  2. it happened thursday last week. the good news is i have a beautiful 2007 hondawith just 22,000 miles on it. it looks brand newbut then so did my "old" one…and it's clean enough for her to lickas long as she doesn't pee on my tyres.

  3. Such a sweet expression. Love the long tongue!!!

  4. One blue eye but a tongue for two. And this scary look make me jump back while staring back. You are my brave girl getting so close to the things that matters. Love your frame. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. What a biiiiiiiiig tongue ! Congrats, man ! ;)))

  6. he's quite the handsome charmer.. 🙂 great capture!

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