9 comments on “Watcher”

  1. Love the blue eye, nice angle!

  2. you take beautiful dog pictures. she has a beautiful coat.isn't summer great for dogs?

  3. I see at least 3 watchers…maybe 4, if I could see you watching them! 😀

  4. Oh ! What a strong angle & this eye is a killer, bravo !

  5. Such gorgeous eyes!!

  6. incredible proportion between elements, clever shot

  7. cool. his eye jumps out at you.

  8. so why are those balls-on-a-stick so popular?i see them at the dog walk– people tossing balls using the it easier to throw the ball that way?or is it so they don't have to touch the ball with dog slime all over it?because nevertheless, they still touch it, the tennis ball covered with dog spit.every time, when the dog gives the ball back to them.they don't train the dog to drop the ball at their feet and wait. they miss the whole point of the stick. unless they plan to make the dog chase the stick too…

  9. looks like a statue.. i bet he posed for you that long so you could take a snap of him.. 😉 he's got a cute mug too.. 🙂

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