Bundle of joy

10 comments on “Bundle of joy”

  1. That stung a bit, but now I have some tasty texture! I like the high key look of this, it gives it more impact and emphasizes the outdoor location.

  2. Puppy!Cute shot and cool and unique processing.

  3. Like a baby, so cute!

  4. Craddle, this is the word that comes to my mind ! Love the vintage pp, a lot of tenderness in your work. Thanks*

  5. I really like your processing here. Nice.

  6. awww. what do you call it when you hold a dog in a towel like that? swaddled? swathed?he looks heroic doing that, and she looks adorable.

  7. Love and Peace, that it of the truth! 🙂 I like very much this series of three photos, your favorite models are always perfected! Bravo dear Elaine !

  8. aww.. he likes being wrapped and cuddled like a baby too.. 🙂

  9. Such sweetness. Such a wonderful relationship captured between a man and his dog!!!

  10. How cute! he seems feel comfort to be wrapped and hugged!!Really touch and I just couldn't stop smiling at this pic! ;))

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