Happy Feet

8 comments on “Happy Feet”

  1. are those vans? they look pretty cool.

  2. yeah..happy feet! I too like photographing them when opportunity allows me:)) Nice treatment.

  3. This has such a hipster feel to it. I like how the light and sharp shadows make such an interesting photo out of what would be a rather ordinary scene. Well, the shoes aren't very ordinary either.

  4. Ohhhhh. Dorothy's not in Kansas anymore!!! 😀

  5. Such a great light to bathe those Princess feet, your title is superb too ! Let's jump, now !

  6. the world is aglow. cool light.

  7. Yes..very happy feet!! Love the shoes!!!

  8. These happy feet simply make me happy, Elaine. I must confess your great imagery makes me happy. Every day anew. All the best & safe travells, Fritsch.

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