Fairy Tale

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  1. I like how this has multiple layers. Really digging the colorful flowers in the foreground and what you did to the background.

  2. Like a dream house. Love those flowers, great colours and processing!

  3. i love the flowers in front, and all the greenery. whenever i see a garden i particularly like, i think how much work it takes to keep it looking nice.my dream house would come with a gardener.well, hey… and a cook and a maid too.i want my dream house to smell like baked cookies.

  4. Your processing..in combination with the colorful garden – make it look like a gingerbread house. Yes – a fairy tale!!!

  5. excellent image and processing – please explain to me better about the am3 because my English are bad – thanks

  6. Utterly awesome capture and post treatment

  7. I didn't change from am3 and the blog is the same for 3 and more years – have a great time

  8. like something from a dream, or maybe a nightmare. cool processing.

  9. Wow…superb ! Indeed looks like a dream house ! Lovely garden!

  10. wonderful processing.. the scratched out look reminds me of the old photos we have back at home! 🙂

  11. Oh, Elaine! How I love that your poetic!

  12. Love the dreamy feeling!

  13. I do like this! Quite Impressionistic

  14. This photo is Beautiful : D

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