Lonely Road

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  1. I traveled through time, and when I looked out the window it was a dream — and you captured it to share with everyone! LOVE this one.

  2. Title pretty much says it all. Kind of a David Lynch Lost Highway sort of feel to this.

  3. jack kerouac, katie couric and hunter s. thompson would delight in your travel photo's combination of reality (numbingly real) and unreality (dreamlike processing). it's a combination travelogue, personality study and side "trip."

  4. It makes you wonder where it's come from and where it's going, Elaine. (sigh)

  5. Love the shadows on the road, nice composition!

  6. As if the highway goes on forever. Amazing how you captured it without any cars or traffic.

  7. You always take us in places where your magic operates… I like this road which you tempt us to take… Bravo Elaine and safe journey 🙂

  8. Life is a lonely road sometimes don't you think, perhaps because we forget there are those that care…………….even if they don't stop around too often 😉 And I like the shot, the texture and vignette.

  9. dreamy path to hope 🙂

  10. nice capture.. off to somewhere nice, i hope.. ;D

  11. Amazing image, great capture and processing! Beautiful image!

  12. cool processing, really nice atmosphere as a result.

  13. Love this !

  14. If you could only see me down on my knees. That is so damn brilliant, my dear. Put on your best dress & take me down that lonely road. I don't wanna be alone, I wanna be with you. Great, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  15. approaching the exit! beautiful angle!

  16. very cool..nice!

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