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  1. whooping cranes? and trainsand bars on your windowsto keep the wierdness away…wee willie winkieruns through the town,upstairs and downstairsin his nightgown.rapping at the windows,crying through the locks,"are the children all in their beds?"p.s. wee willie winky is a real nursery rhyme.isn't it deliciously creepy?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocKiErJ64ik <== cocorosie on youtubeThey call me Wee Willie WinkieI'm tired and blinkyEyeless and poorPromise I don't snore by candle lightI kiss the shimmering cheeks of little childrenHaving a motherI lost in the streetA skinny jungle childWayward and windySinful and pretty(night night. it's bedtime for me.winky winkie. winkee)

  2. "People get ready / There's a train a-coming / You don't need no baggage / You just get on board / All you need is faith / To hear diesels humming" (Curtis Mayfield)I love you & your art, Elaine. What a brilliant composition! What a sexy photograph! Love it, love it, love it. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Love the movement felt through your compo, Elaine, so many things to look at here and the B&W is superb, smoothy cool. Great trip ! And great week-end to you*

  4. Sweet. I like the train and all the heavy equipment. But what I really love is how you shot this through some sort of tailing that's all blurry and mysterious and perfectly frames the subject while making everything more interesting.

  5. I get very nostalgic whenever I see that old CN logo. The summer after I graduated from high school, some friends and I took a car trip to a foreign country – Canada! I remember, right after we crossed the border in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, we came to a railroad crossing where a train was passing by. Boxcar after boxcar with that large CN logo went slipping past our windshield – each enforcing the fact we weren't in the US anymore. It seemed so exciting at the time!

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