Self Portrait

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  1. Nice one, it would have taken me all day to figure it out without the title. As it was, prior to reading it, I was like what did she do? Is this some kind of crazy texture? A really odd aurora borealis?

  2. it's not so lonely. i can see are steaming up the widows.

  3. i don't think the png files load faster. i "dumbed down" the png so it is the same size as my usual jpeg, so it should load the same.png's are sharper, to the point of making dots (pixelizing?) wherea smooth gradient should be. the format is almost too sharp.i think i'll likely go back to jpeg, although most people tell me they like it.and yes, you're right about transparency. but its not an issue for me.thanks for your feedback, elainy brainy.

  4. Great processing and very original self portrait!

  5. I can see your camera, great self portrait!

  6. "Roll down the window / And let the wind blow back your hair / Well the night's busting open / These two lanes will take us anywhere / We got one last chance to make it real / To trade in these wings on some wheels / Climb in back / Heaven's waiting on down the tracks" (Bruce Springsteen)Not showing too much, just a hint that makes my imagination running wild. Love this one, sweetheart. This is not only a beauty but I know it captured a beauty. Let's get out of here & enjoy the ride. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. I look for you in this foggy image & knowing it's a self-portrait touches me a lot, Elaine. Clever & deep.

  8. I'm looking..but I can't see. Where are you in this foggy mist?? Love the abstractness!!!

  9. please to meet you…… wow, am i sure? eheheh

  10. Great photo Love the treatment Can just make out the camera.

  11. Very mysterious and so moody. Like the ambiance of the photo, we guess a human face but not sure !

  12. very intriguing abstract. cool.

  13. Wow I can barely see you!! Must have been foggy.

  14. That's the texture of you only, Elaine. If you click on that button there, Voila. There you are! 🙂

  15. woah! even for a self portrait that's creepy! well done though.. 🙂

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