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  1. i like the graphic quality of this one.. it reminds me of one of those kill bill ending duels between lucy liu and uma thurman.. 🙂

  2. fall is here…. and it almost feels like christmas by looking at this photo! 🙂

  3. Let's stay inside, watching the day fade & warm up ourselves. This is amazing, sweetheart. Again your colours knock me off & I need some first aid immediately. Love this beauty, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. It's like a snow storm…and I am so ready! 🙂

  5. fantastic and very poetic feeling, great charm in this one, compliments

  6. Looks like snow..but it can't be. Not yet!!! What a magical image!!!

  7. Very very nice!Dream-like!

  8. Seems X-Mas is here already, charming !

  9. like a dreamy cold winter night – a little trip

  10. Looks like it's snowing there, already!!!

  11. Beautiful!!!! How dreamy! I like your new look!

  12. wow, i love your new web designbut but buti couldn't find the previous buttonto see the previous day's photosince i'm a little behind.p.s. your cherry blossom photo is magical!

  13. Snow in Vancouver in Fall – must be global warming.

  14. I like this – the blossoms give the effect of a snow globe. Way cool. And I'm digging that sky color.

  15. observing jakson pollock are we lol love it, beautiful

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