quaba quaba kitty kitty

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  1. i didn't know cats laid eggs.she is so protective of them.what would be funnywould be to add a duck's eggin her nest. can you imagine?

  2. I think it's good luck if a white cat crosses your path. She almost glows in the night light!

  3. Inquisitive little kitty; looks kinda like ours.

  4. when i hurt, i don't want anybody to touch me, especially bruises and open wounds (scrapes). i used scar cream after my surgery last year and it seemed to help. (they mysteriously call it scar cream but it's really ANTI-scar).i agree though, everyone likes to be pampered. including me. a nice sore-muscle massage sounds wonderful right. candles? wine?i found your "back button" right where you said it was. i should have figured it out,but i was looking for a 'back' or "previous" button instead of "cherry." but then…the hardest things for me to see are those right in front of my eyes.

  5. That cat looks to be a tad bit belligerent. Again, I'm really liking the processing on these recent photographs.

  6. Been feeding the cats yesterday. Now I'm on the road, making my way to you. But be careful: These little kitties can turn out to be real beasts. Love your perspective, Elaine. And the vignetting is just gorgeous. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. looks like you got yourself a kitty too! 😀

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