Kickin’ Back, Watchin’ TV

I caught him sitting on the couch like a person right before he slowly fell over 🙂

this is the new kitten i got today, i named her Audrey 🙂 she’s a russian blue…

11 comments on “Kickin’ Back, Watchin’ TV”

  1. OMG. Two for the price of one today! Your dog sitting up on the couch like that is to die for. I LOVE IT.

  2. Lucky you!! Now you have a gorgeous kitty to love too!! How are they getting along?? And – I love the portraits..especially the first. It reminds me of an oil painting.

  3. Welcome to the family Audrey (sweet name!!!) Hope Elaine will be nice for u! And if she isn't just give me a call or tweet LOL She is adorable!! How old is she?

  4. I think your dog and I are related; I watch TV until I fall over, too. And, Audrey! She's beautiful! What a face! I love your rendition of these photos.

  5. so cute on both accounts. really like the textures that you've added.

  6. he's watching like a person.. lol.. 🙂 cute! congrats on getting a new kitty too.. 🙂

  7. The first of your doggy is really adorable!!! Reminds me of our cats… Nice processing here too.

  8. Love your new kitty. Cool portrait of your dog!

  9. Cats are awesome. I love how you captured her intense concentration on the toy.

  10. She's too cute but then I'm partial to cats with 3 inside and 12 formerly stray cats outside.


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