Sleeping Babies

Trying, once again, to cut back on the processing haha

7 comments on “Sleeping Babies”

  1. While I like your more "intense" processing, this shot has nice, deep colors, and good contrast. Nice work! Your dog is like a shadow to your husband. Incredible.

  2. The sweetest of sweet images!!!

  3. lol! i for one was surprised at the clarity of this one.. ;D

  4. this is lovely, very sweet.

  5. The thing that strucks me most about this beauty & the great green tea shot is that way that your relaxed processing suits the relaxed situation just perfect. You are a story teller. And what a brilliant story teller. Your blue makes me crazy. Brilliant, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Very very nice.And gr8 colour treatments as usual.

  7. One of the best of that kind – superBBB

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