12 comments on “Mountains”

  1. I really like your car window shots. I didn’t know they had vineyards all the way up there. Good shot.

  2. Terrific tonalitie in your painterly & cinematic at the same time image, Elaine, i love the On the road feel with such personal hues.

  3. What a gorgeous landscape. Love the painterly effect!

  4. Love these drive-by moments – they tend to capture more spirit than if y’d stood there with tripod and light meter for half a day !(and, no, no email notification. My only gripe here is the right-click being disabled so my spell-checked is not accessible.)

  5. “Finally master see me, just a few more ups and down / I’m goin’ on over the hill” (Mississippi Fred McDowell)Driving with you is as much pleasure as staring at your tremendous frames, baby! Just great! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. bravo – bravo – great mood and processing

  7. cool tones and texture work. nice result.

  8. There is a poetic feel to this image with the soft motion blur.

  9. those are some neat patterns you captured here..

  10. i don’t know if those are vineyards or just potatoes lol let me know if you get this reply in your email?

  11. really like this Elaine, cool!

  12. Lovely landscape and although I can tell there’s motion, it’s quite controlled.

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