i was going to put up the canadian beer commercial, but i must confess, hubby and i aren’t feeling all that patriotic lately

oh heck, here’s the commercial

12 comments on “I AM CANADIAN!!!”

  1. well, this is patriotic enough.. 🙂 got me curious about that canadian beer commercial though.. 😀

  2. I think you’ve surely done your patriotic duty with this photograph, especially if you aren’t in the patriotic mood.

  3. Hey, thanks for the commercial! It’s the first thing today that has made me laugh–and I owe it all to CANADA!

  4. my heart is aching, i wish something would make me laugh

  5. And I thought you had to be cheerfull because I came the long way to Canada just to meet my favourite Canadian humorist. Love your clouds, your colours, your composition, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Sounds like you’re very proud to be Canadian (as am I!). Fun image!

  7. cool. I really like the processing here.

  8. The picture of the flag is good, aye? Beer is good, aye?

  9. If I were Canadian, I’d be very proud, too! Did you know Astrid’s brother is Canadian?? Has lived there (now on VI) longer than in Holland (59 years old)! I wouldn’t mind living there, to be honest!

  10. You’d think a small country like that could take care of its citizens a little better. Good luck to you, E.

  11. i’m totally in favor of california joining the commonwealth.

  12. I am Canadian….and i live way up north but i don’t drink beer….but i am still Canadian….Eh….i love the texture that you have around our flag Elaine… love it…peter:)I am not a spamer….oh i am suposed to check the box….Duh….I am CANADIAN Eh:D

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