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  1. Totally Elaine….totally cool:-)

  2. Very nice treatment!

  3. Very good, Elaine. Love the converging power lines.

  4. Beautifully done, Elaine, so maybe there’s hope after all?

  5. Hard to use that title lightly these days..especially in light of the horrors that are unfolding in Japan. And – your image does remind me of air that might be filled with toxicity. Well done!

  6. the processing and colors are very cool.

  7. A shockingly high-voltage photo, Elaine. Interesting.

  8. least-favourite word for today “Radiation”, “earthquake”, “tsunami”… (sigh). to me this is quite a story-telling piece of craft 🙂 artsy though hahahaha, and that’s a part of art.

  9. Following these lines with you, getting lost in your blues is just so soothing, sweetheart. And it looks so dman beautiful! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. i read the radiation will hit california sometime tomorrow. they say, it will be so diluted that there is no danger to humans. but then… more and more radiation is still coming from those reactors and damaged storage ponds in japan. maybe tomorrow will just be the beginning. i hate to think what this will be like a month from now if they don’t stop that radiation soon. pour enough crap into the air, and pretty soon it’s going to be called nuclear fallout. but don’t expect the government to be forthright about this all. we can put plastic over the windows and stay indoors for a while, but what happens when it gets so bad that we have to stay indoors for months or years at a time? they can’t evacuate all of us to australia r south africa. when the president’s family take an “extended holiday” to buenos aires, i’m going too!

  11. love this shot!

  12. magnifique post traitement.

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