17 thoughts on “Through the looking glass…

  1. Nothing better than being on these roads with my favourite ally. Everythingh is just flying by while we#re flying to somewhere we don’t know yet. Tremendous frame, my dear. A great photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. With what happening those terrible days in Japan, this image has even a more impressive impact, i love the speed and the mood your smokey grays offer.

  3. wow elaine. i love this photo! it’s what i imagine a fish would see, if he ever stuck his head out of the ocean to see what else is in the world besides water. they say we evolved from the ocean eons and eons ago, but frankly i haven’t seen any evidence (other than polywogs) of anything emerging from the sea in my lifetime. i’m guessing fish today just don’t much care for what they see sticking out of the water.

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