Through the looking glass…

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  1. I think this is awesome Elaine!!

  2. ooh this is quite sexy HA 🙂 sexy-sweet piece of work, the notion very well spot-on rush rush city-livin’.

  3. One of your absolute bests!!!

  4. Nothing better than being on these roads with my favourite ally. Everythingh is just flying by while we#re flying to somewhere we don’t know yet. Tremendous frame, my dear. A great photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. I’m with Sharon on this one, the mood is so dark n gritty, there’s air of impending doom about it. In short I love it!

  6. Love the sense of motion in this..the blurr. Something so very typical and representative of urban life!

  7. With what happening those terrible days in Japan, this image has even a more impressive impact, i love the speed and the mood your smokey grays offer.

  8. I like the atmosphere which gets free of this photo. The centring gives a surprising dimension !!! Bravooo Dear Elaine 🙂

  9. very cool. I really like the mood here.

  10. wow elaine. i love this photo! it’s what i imagine a fish would see, if he ever stuck his head out of the ocean to see what else is in the world besides water. they say we evolved from the ocean eons and eons ago, but frankly i haven’t seen any evidence (other than polywogs) of anything emerging from the sea in my lifetime. i’m guessing fish today just don’t much care for what they see sticking out of the water.

  11. Very cool, elaine. The tower is in good focus with the road whizzing past. Just the opposite of how I would have expected.

  12. wonderful piece!

  13. Outstanding.

  14. excellent processing

  15. Very cool, like something out of a dream or maybe a video game.

  16. This is amazing! Love the blurry bits, the textures and the tall building. Excellent work!

  17. Nice, I love a dystopian condo building of doom!

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