Truck on Truck Action

10 comments on “Truck on Truck Action”

  1. Would never have guessed it’s a truck transport. Love how you’ve framed it. Such a wonderful abstract.

  2. I like the framing, the colors and the sky

  3. Ahh, so this is how baby trucks are made; kinda kinky with the straps and all. :)Cool image, one that makes the viewer wonder.

  4. nice tight framing on this one!

  5. very cool. I like the processing a lot.

  6. haha – your headline sounds like monster-truck porn. troy: ooo look at the oversized tires on *that* one!sharon: they’re not real.troy: who cares?

  7. When I saw you announce this on twitter I was wondering what the photo would look like, haha. Did not disappoint! Fun shot.

  8. i’m glad i didn’t disappoint you, Dustin 🙂 i would hate to do that, you are a great helping help help with my photography…

  9. That’s a cool shot. I like the tires way up in the sky.

  10. oh, that’s alright then.. i thought you caught this while driving on the road.. 🙂

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