All your KFC are belong to us…

8 comments on “All your KFC are belong to us…”

  1. We know who the real queen of this household is now. I like the way the light falls in the photo and the way the shadows play into Audrey’s stealthy pose.

  2. HA! Made me smile!

  3. very beautiful image. Cats certainly rule the household more than dogs do; our cat comes in the door, plops down on the stairs, and starts immediately yelling at me if I am not scratching her head/belly already.

  4. 🙂 so it seems like the cat got into your chicken. cool photo.

  5. SUper light and love your titles, super fun !!

  6. Poses like this are one of 15 million reasons why I adore cats ! And, when there is nothing at all out there, it becomes Reason 15,000,001.

  7. I have the only cat in the world who will not eat people food.

  8. ugh.. i regret looking at this so early in the morning.. i’m now craving for chicken.. 🙁

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