Criminal Type :)

9 comments on “Criminal Type :)”

  1. You are right out of it on this one girl….when he sees this pic he will be back with his hatchet to get Totally You!!!….great stuff never stop laughing (:::;;::)….peter:)

  2. He looks like a detective, Elaine. I’d be careful, if I were you! 🙂

  3. Hmmm. That sidewards glance speaks volumes. (Love the processing!)

  4. Yes – I have to agree with Ginnie. More like an undercover cop or detective. Nice portrait!

  5. A brilliant portrait, my dear. A rough rider for sure. As always your processing is so damn outstanding, Elaine! Never fails to impress, hypnotize & making me lok at it over & over again.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  6. he does seem a bit shady. 🙂 cool portrait.

  7. He has his eyes on you, be careful, lol. Great portrait.

  8. he’s got mojo.. that could be a cover photo of GQ! 😀

  9. I love how the soft sort of retro tones soften the gangsta feel of this.

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