uber creepy tree trying to snatch up passersby

12 comments on “EEP!”

  1. Is it just me,or is this photo a little creepy! I’m looking at it expecting something to appear from the shadows or for clouds to hover ominously into view behind the tree. Eep!

  2. Brilliant! A very spooky paranormal feel to this one.

  3. i like the tree Elaine….and i am sure that you would have protected any unsuspecting passerby from its clutches!!!lol…xx oo…peter:)

  4. This is when you know for sure that trees really are alive, Elaine! And most of them DO have their own personalities, don’t they!

  5. A mysterious image…as if something’s lurking. Love the eerie color and light!

  6. Mystical magical blending here . . a hint of menace for sure !

  7. I like the processing of this photo, it’s really interesting 🙂

  8. you must be a dark girl – excellent image, scenery and colors

  9. Blair Witchy. 🙂

  10. I really like the processing, very cool.

  11. Kinda scary!!

  12. Spooky, creepy, brilliant, Elaine! The light, your gorgeous processing, your composition make this one outstanding photograph. Irritating & warm all at the same time.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

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